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ARK: Survival Evolved

Plan Name Recommended Player Slots Memory Server Locations Price Configure
Plan NameARK:SE-1 Recommended Player SlotsRecommended 10 Players Memory 6 GB Server Locations
Price$9.99 Configure Now
Plan NameARK:SE-2 Recommended Player SlotsRecommended 20 Players Memory 8 GB Server Locations
Price$14.99 Configure Now
Plan NameARK:SE-3 Recommended Player SlotsRecommended 30 Players Memory 12 GB Server Locations
Price$19.99 Configure Now
Plan NameARK:SE-4 Recommended Player SlotsRecommended 60 Players Memory 16 GB Server Locations
Price$29.99 Configure Now
Plan NameARK:SE-5 Recommended Player SlotsRecommended 80 Players Memory 24 GB Server Locations
Price$49.99 Configure Now
Plan NameARK:SE-6 Recommended Player SlotsRecommended 100+ Players Memory 32 GB Server Locations
Price$69.99 Configure Now

Premium Features

Instant Setup

Your Game Server is automatically provisioned and is active within seconds of completing your payment!

Premium Hardware

We only use the latest and greatest hardware. NVMe SSDs, Overclocked AMD EPYC CPUs and DDR4 RAM!

Powerful Anti-DDoS

All of our Game Servers are protected by our powerful Anti-DDoS Protection to keep your server online 24/7!

24/7 Fast Support

If you have any questions or need a hand with something, our friendly team of professionals are on standby 24/7/265!

Payment Methods

We accept